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Review Geek is Closed!

This blog was closed at the end of 2017.

I had hope to have the drive and energy to do an entertainment and pop culture blog but writing a whole blog on a regular basis was hard, especially when one had other blogs needing attention.

I've also changed my views on entertainment and pop culture and found it's just a life suck compared to what is going on in this country and the world today. My time will be better spent on my political and social justice blogging and social media sharing of those topics I am very interested in.

The posts I have written here at were fun to write but I needed to write more than one post a year to make it worthwhile to visit.

Feel free to visit my other blogs if the topics interest you.

Doug's Views - politics, current events, atheism, and social justice.

Secular Left - supporting separation of church and state

iHumanism - an Internet Humanist community

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